Are particular experiences more effective than others in supporting your mental wellbeing? Let’s find out!

Helloooo 2017 – and it’s nearly the end of January already! How are you doing so far? Are you a resolutions kind of person or does change or personal pursuits happen for you sporadically throughout the year? One of my focuses for the year is testing out and experimenting as to whether certain experiences or opportunities to connect are more beneficial in supporting our Mental Wellbeing than others.

I am no Psychology expert or trying to be, this is simply an exploration of how experiences make me feel against criteria that I have set or researched as being important from other relevant studies. I realise that any experience could be assessed (but I have limited the experiment duration to 2017) and will be valued subjectively by each individual so my results will not be a standard for all. However, I hope that we can eventually collectively crowdsource reviews and reflections from members of our community to gain a consensus on a range of experiences to help others in the future use their time well and to support their Mental Wellbeing effectively.

At this stage, I have set out an experience for every fortnight to complete and reflect upon. I am welcoming any suggestions you may have. I tried to select a range of experiences to gain a broad insight to experiences in general. If you would like to join me in the experiment, simply email me and I can send you my template of criteria for you to monitor your findings too! I look forward to updating you each month on my observations. Feel free to comment or get in touch online with what you think. First up for January is “Boating” and “Act of Kindness”.