My Chemical Romance

If one more person tells me to just relax, I’ll scream. Ever had this thought? I have many times. Everyone knows they need to slow down, simplify, and not take it all too seriously. And some days I really do practice what I’m preached. But who has time to be a dedicated yogi or embrace mindfulness in everything that we do throughout the day when there is work to get on with, kids to shuttle around or both? That’s when a retreat or weekend away really does help in resetting things, but bringing that retreat feeling back to home can be challenging. What you need more of in your life is my old mate, GABA. 

No GABA isn’t a ventriloquist dummy you need to meet, it is a neurotransmitter and you need to get very well acquainted with.  You need GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid) to produce that calming effect that really shifts you down a gear. It lowers your heart rate, blood pressure and helps you unwind in order to fall asleep. And just like some of you with kids know, it’s all about the sleep routine…and that goes for us adults too. So whatever you like most; a herbal tea, time with a good fiction book, candlelight or a bath – your brain, gut, bod, and mood will all thank you for making it count at the end of the day. Reduce your blue light (so no iPad in bed!), maybe a sleep meditation or prayer session, and some deep slow breaths. You won’t regret getting this down pat; your sleep will be deeper and more restorative as a result (think of it as the night cleaner and cell rejuvenator). 

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