Does your life make Sense?

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Everyone needs a little escapism in their lives; whether it’s perusing Instagram or nestling in for some Netflix, we are all for occasional blobbing out! But if you were to add up all the ‘in between’ moments in your day, you might find that the bulk of this time could be used to incorporate some […]

Getting back to the wild AKA Wellington

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We all know the saying “practice what you preach” yet many of us struggle to consistently achieve this higher standard of living. I for one have been challenged immensely in April as I looked after my mother undergoing Cancer treatment in addition to being with my 2-year old son full-time. After all my Mental Wellbeing […]

Are particular experiences more effective than others in supporting your mental wellbeing? Let’s find out!

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Helloooo 2017 – and it’s nearly the end of January already! How are you doing so far? Are you a resolutions kind of person or does change or personal pursuits happen for you sporadically throughout the year? One of my focuses for the year is testing out and experimenting as to whether certain experiences or […]

Love thy neighbour

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On Friday, hundreds of enthusiastic, tech-savvy entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs descended on Q Theatre in Auckland for The Leap. The Leap was hosted by Robett Hollis and Andrew Ferdinando, looking to bring together impressive speakers from around New Zealand and create a forum for individuals to network with their peers. Usually these types of events are […]

Pass The Torch… shining a light on local heroes

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To quote an article in The Listener magazine “…with her broad networks and deep organisational skills facilitates a bottom-up, adaptive influence that can channel the resources and energy of ordinary people with something to contribute, and turn it into effective action that improves lives”. Quite the intro and well-deserved, completely fitting for our very first […]