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My Chemical Romance

If one more person tells me to just relax, I’ll scream. Ever had this thought? I have many times. Everyone knows they need to slow down, simplify, and not take it all too seriously. And some days I really do practice what I’m preached. But who has time to be a dedicated yogi or embrace […]

Evolve or Repeat.

Which have you chosen of the two options, post Covid-19 crisis? For the majority of us, we had never experienced a time when we asked to stay home and go out only when necessary. Some noted we were “stuck” at home, however, we were in fact “safe” at home, with a golden opportunity to incorporate some […]

How much are you worth?

I noticed you today, you were the one cleaning the streets in the early morning, you were the parent rushing in after the bell had rung with the forgotten lunchbox, you were the one walking the elderly man around slowly, you were the three teachers with the young children all in high-vis jackets going into […]

Does your life make Sense?

Everyone needs a little escapism in their lives; whether it’s perusing Instagram or nestling in for some Netflix, we are all for occasional blobbing out! But if you were to add up all the ‘in between’ moments in your day, you might find that the bulk of this time could be used to incorporate some […]

Coping strategies when a loved one becomes seriously ill

When a parent or loved one becomes seriously ill, you can guarantee that no amount of previous preparation can equip you for what is in store. Each situation is unique, and I can only reflect below on my personal situation where my mum got Stage 3 Oesophagus Cancer and what helped me get through it. […]

When enough is enough. Strategies for combating overwhelm when nothing else seems to work

Life whether you recognise it or not is made up of seasons and so much of the journey is how you choose to respond. If you are in a “Winter” as some would describe or feel like you are currently experiencing your own Armageddon of a year, then you may find these suggestions helpful, as […]

You reap what you sow. Winter we LOVE thee.

Despite the delay in this experience experiment update, I’ve still been out there in these Winter months undertaking certain activities to see how they can help with our Wellbeing support. Winter and I have not always been the best of friends but it really just required a little more creativity with how I valued and […]

Feeling lethargic? Time for a retreat treat…

The colder weather can feel like a drag but it also gives us the perfect excuse to stay inside and pamper ourselves. These chosen spots are either very popular for time by yourself or to share with friends – either way, book one in today for the sake of your mental health. Salt Cave Halotherapy, […]

Time for a new physical challenge that’s actually fun? Great! Time to meet our latest Happylocal Hero, Miranda then…

“As humans, we all need to belong; to one another, to our friends and families, to our culture and country, even to our world. Belonging is primal, fundamental to our sense of happiness and well-being” (The importance of belonging, CNN 2012). In particular, we thrive if we are part of a community. Community is defined […]

No Winter Lasts Forever

How do you respond to the colder weather? Do you simply wrap up in more clothing and continue on your escapades or do you tend to hibernate seeking out a bit of Hygge? May with its changeable weather, presented plenty of opportunities for rejuvenation and reflection for me. After quite a full on Autumn, I […]

Getting back to the wild AKA Wellington

We all know the saying “practice what you preach” yet many of us struggle to consistently achieve this higher standard of living. I for one have been challenged immensely in April as I looked after my mother undergoing Cancer treatment in addition to being with my 2-year old son full-time. After all my Mental Wellbeing […]

March you’ve been Memorable

Learning something new Rainy days can frustrate those who like to be out and about or even affect their mood. Occasionally, I can fall into both camps but instead when news broke of torrential rain coming, I got stuck into learning how to make mozzarella cheese from scratch with a couple of local superstars, Ron […]

Happy Omokoroa Heroes Rick and Ron!

“I just hope that instead of being fearful of the unknown that people simply talk to each other; welcome the new person on the street and reach out to them as it’s not easy being new”. At Happylocal, we like to shine a light on those who are running community organisations, events and groups that […]

What’s your kind of RADICAL?

Fast and furious February calls for some serious handbrake action to try claw back that Summer holiday state of relaxation. I did a couple of RADICAL experiences (well for me) this month. I tried a fast for the first time and I sat in my comfy chair on the deck in the sun for an […]

The Experience Experiment begins!

Well January came and went like a blink of the eye, filled with good intentions for personal behaviour change and pursuits. Does the holiday break seems like a world away now and instead you’re back into living in a constant reactive state of being? Or perhaps you are kicking goals; taking it one step at […]

2017 – a year to forget already?

2017 did not start well for my family. No we weren’t in a car accident or didn’t make a bad financial decision. Instead, we lost a baby to miscarriage. We tried to conceive for the majority of last year and carried the little cherub for 3 months. I’m not telling you this to gain attention […]

Are particular experiences more effective than others in supporting your mental wellbeing? Let’s find out!

Helloooo 2017 – and it’s nearly the end of January already! How are you doing so far? Are you a resolutions kind of person or does change or personal pursuits happen for you sporadically throughout the year? One of my focuses for the year is testing out and experimenting as to whether certain experiences or […]

Christmas survival mode kicked in yet?

Only 4 more sleeps until Christmas Day and for some of you this will be bringing suffocating feelings of anxiety, stress, isolation and even depression. This is meant to be the season of great joy, when family and friends come together to make memories and share in the highs or lows of the year that […]

Yes, let’s have one more!

It’s the season for over indulgence and we know you Happylocals enjoy a fine tipple and nibble! Therefore, we’ve put together a quick list of what’s on to tempt your tastebuds… Have you visited O Cider yet? Their Tasting Shed is open Wednesday – Sunday from 10am – 5pm. Grab a group and get to […]

In the Arms of the Angels…

” I don’t think you can have to much charity, or too much giving or too much kindness” The latest community hero we’d love to shine the light on is Brigitte from Arms of Angels. This local lady is tirelessly doing so much for local families who are struggling right now. As we all come […]

Are you feeling anxious today?

Awe. Surprise. Joy. These are the emotions that are like oil to our wheels, yet other emotions shouldn’t be avoided or disappoint when they arrive – we simply need to learn how to ride the wave a little better with a considered response and interpretation. Recently, I nailed a quick fix for an occasional emotion […]

Love thy neighbour

On Friday, hundreds of enthusiastic, tech-savvy entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs descended on Q Theatre in Auckland for The Leap. The Leap was hosted by Robett Hollis and Andrew Ferdinando, looking to bring together impressive speakers from around New Zealand and create a forum for individuals to network with their peers. Usually these types of events are […]

Pass The Torch… shining a light on local heroes

The next hero to feature in our blog is Campbell Hill, one of the team behind charity Good Neighbour. Good Neighbour is about creating a sense of community through inspiring people to work together to make our neighbourhoods great places to live. A team that really walks the talk, an example for us all to […]

Pass The Torch… shining a light on local heroes

To quote an article in The Listener magazine “…with her broad networks and deep organisational skills facilitates a bottom-up, adaptive influence that can channel the resources and energy of ordinary people with something to contribute, and turn it into effective action that improves lives”. Quite the intro and well-deserved, completely fitting for our very first […]

Why do you take action on some things and not others? Intrinsic Motivation…

Do you ever wonder why you feel like working on your photography skills late into the night rather than doing extra work for your day job? It’s all about Intrinsic Motivation. “Intrinsic motivation occurs when we act without any obvious external rewards. We simply enjoy an activity or see it as an opportunity to explore, […]

Are you being the best version of you?

I’m not sure if it’s this crisp yet sunny weather we’ve been having here in the Bay region or if it’s simply the start of 2016 – PART II. But I feel revived and filled with optimism as if it were New Year’s Day. There’s no doubt that overwhelm can strike us at anytime; we […]

Courtney Linnecar – One Happy Local

BY KATHRYN OVERALL I only met Courtney Linnecar a week ago but I already feel like we are friends. After being introduced by a mutual connection we arranged to meet for coffee at Elizabeth Cafe. She smiled as she rose to meet me extending her hand and introducing me to her gorgeous blue-eyed baby boy, […]