Christmas survival mode kicked in yet?

Only 4 more sleeps until Christmas Day and for some of you this will be bringing suffocating feelings of anxiety, stress, isolation and even depression. This is meant to be the season of great joy, when family and friends come together to make memories and share in the highs or lows of the year that has come to pass – yet it doesn’t always turn out that way. Here at Happylocal, we’ve come up with a few tips on how to manage this challenging time.

People matter

Put the kids or the elderly in your life first – it is an incredibly special time for them and they often are the ones who see the delight in the small things and simply spending time with you. Pay particular attention to anyone who may be grieving for a loved one during this time.

Keep it simple

Try to keep the fuss to a minimum and steer clear of seeking a perfect execution of the planned activities or food. Set realistic expectations of yourself and others. Only you know what ismissing or not quite right, like the tip above, it’s better to just go with the flow a bit and focus on the reason for the season instead.

Don’t overindulge too much

Too much alcohol can contribute and intensify any tension or stress felt by people at this time. Be wary that certain people react to particular topics, so a bit of consideration for others over this time goes a long way.

Nail the basics

This is a very important time of the year to take time out and feel rejuvenated. But make sure you don’t let all your good habits slip – drink plenty of water in this scorching sun, get enough sleep and exercise regularly to simply keep the mind sane!

Attend community events and volunteer

There are plenty of opportunities in our community to get involved and meet people during this time, it will help with isolation and loneliness but also make you feel fantastic for helping those less fortunate than you. Look up a local foodbank or animal shelter who are often extremely busy this month.

Get out and enjoy yourselves

We have recently redeveloped our Happylocal app, which is now easier to use. Check it out for ideas on what to do locally and in nearby regions over the coming weeks with your loved ones.