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Evolve or Repeat.

Which have you chosen of the two options, post Covid-19 crisis?

For the majority of us, we had never experienced a time when we asked to stay home and go out only when necessary. Some noted we were “stuck” at home, however, we were in fact “safe” at home, with a golden opportunity to incorporate some new habits or at least gain some reflection time as the busy badge of honour came into question. What would a simpler life look like for you?

Granted many were busier than ever due to the impossible juggle of working from home, trying to homeschool or babysit all in one…but some days, it was an insight into another option for us all when things returned to “normal”. So what is your new normal? Are you now more present? Do you refrain from multitasking in order to be the overachieving pace car? Personally, the scheduling of our lives is up for review; why must we sign up for everything? Has our people-pleasing gotten out of hand? Where are your boundaries now? It is time to no longer assess the quality of our lives on how much we have achieved or how productive we are.

There was no right way of “doing” the lockdown as everyone’s unique situations meant you either felt like you were surviving or savouring, and many people (myself included) have had their work lives turned upside down because of it… but it is what we do now with what we noticed during that time, this is where the little nuggets of gold lie.

I figure we aren’t running out of time like we have been told, and we don’t need to be all things that feature on Instagram either. Instead, it is time to review where you want your ENERGY to go and likely expending more inward rather than outward is the new normal.