Are you being the best version of you?

I’m not sure if it’s this crisp yet sunny weather we’ve been having here in the Bay region or if it’s simply the start of 2016 – PART II. But I feel revived and filled with optimism as if it were New Year’s Day.

There’s no doubt that overwhelm can strike us at anytime; we are all crazy busy and on the go.

Whether we have hectic family schedules, deadlines with work that never seem to clear off the to-do list or strain on our health. It all adds up to sluggish personal wellbeing and motivation towards what we really want for ourselves.

Well I am here on this Monday morning to say, smalls steps baby! You can even view it as a crawl, just do something. Warning it may require you to get up 20 minutes earlier in the morning, or restricting the binging on Netflix in the evenings.

Just make time and make it count for YOU. No one wins; not you, your family, your colleagues, your community if you aren’t coming to the table after nurturing a small side of you that wants to grow and develop. Every segment of your world and the people in it, benefit when you set aside time for you. Whether it’s your creativity being unleashed, genuine spring in your step due to all that energy you’ve been building up or simply the way you interact with others due to all that gratitude practice or journalling you clock up daily.

So what are you waiting for? Update your preferences in the Happylocal app and check the feed for suggestions that suit you. Otherwise how about popping into the Tauranga Meditation Drop-in Class tonight for some inner calm and reflection to start the week right? Or if you have your own business there is a thorough workshop on Social Media being held in Rotorua Tuesday. And maybe it’s time to start engaging with your local community. You may have some skills to share that people need! Get along to the Arts Village Community networking meeting this Wednesday.

Remember, you are in control and can influence your life in a significant and meaningful way. It starts with one small change and it doesn’t need to be perfect, the joy and value will come in the simple act of doing something towards a more authentic version of you.