Feeling lethargic? Time for a retreat treat…

The colder weather can feel like a drag but it also gives us the perfect excuse to stay inside and pamper ourselves. These chosen spots are either very popular for time by yourself or to share with friends – either way, book one in today for the sake of your mental health.

Salt Cave Halotherapy, Auckland

For a truly unforgettable way to get pampered, spend some time in this organic Salt Cave. Well-known throughout the world to heal many health conditions, especially those related to the respiratory system. It could even help with your depression or anxiety! Please ensure you check their health guidelines before booking.

East Day Spa, Wellington

It’s not every day that you get a facial with Antarctic glaciers in it, but that’s all part of the unique Winter Warmer package from the East Day Spa team. Revitalise your skin and mind over 75 minutes of bliss.

QE Health Rituals, Rotorua

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the range of rituals at QE Health, who are consistently at the top Tripadvisor spot in Rotorua for what they have to offer. You could spend a whole day here or simply jump right on to highway indulgence with their Sensory Journey or opt for the more chilled out Relaxation Journey.

Bai Mint Foot Reflexology Massage, Napier

Some people hate having their feet touched, but if you can stand it this is an ancient healing technique of using pressure on certain ‘reflex’ points on the sole of the feet. It will improve your circulation, reduce stress and stimulate the activity of internal organs for optimum internal health.

Fernland Spa, Tauranga

Not just home to “The Mount”, but rather a city with a sanctuary of thermal pools set in native bush. Immerse yourself in pure pleasure with the choice of eight spacious private hot pools or the main hot pool at Fernland Spa.

Te Aroha Mineral Spas

You may be in desperate need of some quality time together or just need to spice things up a little, but get to Te Aroha Mineral Spas and take advantage of their Romantic Package. Unwind in the wooden tub by candlelight as you reconnect over treats.

Taupo De Bretts

An immersive experience that begins in the mineral waters where you can relieve the tension in your muscles and then incorporates a massage, body treatment or thermal mud wrap – each with a focus on exfoliation, hydration and detoxification.

Green and Serene Yoga Holidays, Waiheke

Sometimes yoga can be intimidating, yet Green and Serene make it accessible for anyone – they can cater to any age and any group size. Just by visiting their website you’ll be whisked away to a dreamy and healthy oasis, you deserve to try this place out alone or with loved ones.

Mana Fasting Retreat

Not just for the hard-core, fasting is within reach to each of us and can produce some epic results for both our physical and mental health. Mana is the Coromandel go-to spot for holistic retreats, so if this one is not for you then check out what else is coming up soon…but do give fasting a try some time – it’s apparently the only scientifically proven method that significantly extends the lifespan of humans and other animals.

Paihia Beach Resort Body Polishes

You may have an event to shine for or simply want to shed the skin to reveal the light underneath. The Paihia Beach Resort has a range of body polishes that will make you feel and smell so delicious…good enough to eat!