Here at Happylocal, we love promoting activities or ways to spend your time that encourages face-to-face contact as this is so beneficial for your health and wellbeing. The online world is a handy resource for seeking things out, just make sure it’s not the destination!

Search our list of events using our “What’s On” page to start with local experiences in your region that can help you find your kind of people, or the well-known Meetup or Facebook Groups in your region can connect you with interest-based networks for you to join. Or how about when you go travelling next, try Couchsurfing.

Other ideas within your community include volunteering with one of the causes listed on our Helpers page, organising a neighbourhood street party, market or a community garden to develop deeper friendships and relationships.

Want to know what it really takes for a community to thrive? Then see below for Project for Public Spaces (PPS)’s (a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people create and sustain public spaces that build strong communities) guide on how to make a great place…

What makes a healthy community?