“We live in a world where opportunities to be connected are more abundant than ever before. Yet modern life is making us lonely and it is something we need to do something about. In the past four weeks, more than 650,000 Kiwis have stated that they felt lonely, and those aged 15-24 are the loneliest” (Stuff, 2018). 

A connected, engaged community means its inhabitants fulfil their needs for safety, belonging and significance, in turn reducing the risk of certain chronic diseases and mental health issues. Your health and wellbeing is significantly affected by the relationships you have in your life and experiences encouraging face-to-face meetings have never been more important. It’s not about the number of connections, rather the quality and getting involved with local community groups, initiatives and volunteering roles helps big time! Volunteering boosts your brain function and improves your immune system – not to mention how being part of something greater than yourself tells the world what you really value and want to protect.

Below are the causes around the country you might like to know more about, help you meet people who are a force for good and you’ll feel amazing joining in too.