The Happylocal Hub (a social enterprise), Kuaotunu, is to be an example of how exceptional individual and community wellbeing (biological, emotional, physical and spiritual) can be achieved as a social, collective, and supportive experience.

It is made up of a co-working business facility, a community event space, a retreat accommodation and a holistic health centre, which includes a media room. The business facility gives access to fibre fast internet, modern business amenities and the opportunity to network or possibly collaborate with other local businesses. The health centre aims to be a hub for a range of local practitioners offering a variety of treatments and services with a focus on preventative health, and the promotion of local groups encouraging healthy living, connection and skill-sharing.

Example practitioners cover:

Cranial osteopathy, Diet and Nutrition, Meditation and Mindfulness, Mental Health Counselling, NLP,  Tomatis Therapy, Western and Eastern Medicine practices, Women’s Health, and more.

In the evenings or weekend, the co-working space and retreat area can be booked by local community representatives or groups for free to meet, host workshops and collaborate.



Happylocal Hub Portal

This community space is available for bookings and making connections so please click the link below to go to the Happylocal Hub portal

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